Thursday, May 31, 2012

Anotheriff on Fossils

Q1312 If I already used the claw fossil and got Armaldo, would I get a different pokemon if I got the claw fossil again?

In the Pokemon series, you usually get one of each fossil, so this question should seem odd for that reason alone. The Claw Fossil, however, does appear twice in Emerald, and because there's not another sane reason to ask this question, we'll assume Asker is playing Emerald Version. The question then becomes: Do you know how fossils work? They're not lottery tickets, for chrissakes. They correspond to specific Pokemon, numbnuts, and you'll be getting Anorith (not Armaldo, the evolved form of Anorith) again.

True to form, I didn't bother answering this one, either.

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