Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Q208 Cheat to walk throw walls on pokemon pearl

Warning: this post will be long and at times will resemble a rant.

I'll begin with the easiest target: this person's manners. Ask a question, don't state your demands. Second easiest target: "walk throw walls". Honestly, auto-correct is not that bad. Furthermore, it is highly recommended that you read what you type if you expect an accurate answer. But wait! I have a beef with the question's content, too! When I received my first question from a cheater, I figured there was no harm, I'd give the guy a solid answer and we'd both be on our way. The Service is smarter than that. Successfully answering one question about Action Replay was an invitation to be asked half a dozen more. Entering AR codes into one's cell phone is tedious and I do not care for it. Manners were once again a factor, as these cheaters seemed to have none. Lesson learned, don't respond to questions asking for cheats. I have nothing against cheaters--just rude, unknowing cheaters who happen to use the Service as their primary source. Phew.

PS: Is there a cheat to walk through walls in Pearl...?

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